What are LiPo batteries and why are they so popular in the R

LiPo batteries are a type of rechargeable battery, they can be used for Airsoft guns, RC planes, RC helicopters,
Multirotor and FPV racers.
They are the main reason electric flight is now a very viable option over fuel powered models.
RC LiPo batteries have three main advantages which make them as the perfect battery choice for RC models 
over conventional rechargeable battery types such as NIMH or NiCad.
- RC LiPo batteries are light weight and can be made in almost any shape and size.
- RC LiPo batteries have large capacities, meaning they hold lots of power in a small package.
- RC LiPo batteries have high discharge rates to power the most demanding electric motors.
DOGCOM is a professional supplier of RC lipo battery for more than 10 years, we have a vast selection of lipo
batteries for Airsoft guns, RC planes, RC helicopters, Multirotor, FPV racers and RC vehicles, custom battery
options available. 

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